Gun Dogs

Labrador puppies 75.00


Please see a selection of the Gun Dogs that are produced by Victor and Tim Griffiths.  We  do have several more but at present I do not have pictures do not hesitate to telephone or email for further information.

Clumber spaniel 90.00

Cocker and pup 90.00

Curly Coated Retrieve 150.00

English setter 65.00

English Pointer 110.00

Giant Munsterlander 65.00

Golden Retriever 80.00

Gordon Setter 65.00

Labrador and pups 150.00

Labrador pup 36.00

Large Cocker standing 95.00

Nova Scotia Duck Toller 65.001

German Smoothhaired pointer 65.00

Irish/Red Setter 65.00

Trotting Weimeraner 100.00

Sitting Cocker 65.00

German Wired haired Pointer sitting 85.00

English Pointer sitting 90.00

Small Weimeraner 65.00

Standing Weimeraner 100.00

Standing German smoothhaired pointer 110.00

Visula 100.00

Braco de Italiano 300.00

Flat Coat 95.00

Flatcoat with Pheasant 110.00

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