Sculptures of Collies and Shelties by Vic and Tim Griffiths

Standing Collie and  pup£100.00


If you hold the mouse over the sculpture you will see the price.   All sculptures can be painted in Sable, Blue Merle or Tri colour.  For just £5.00 the customer can have them painted to the exact markings of their dog from photographs.                                


Sitting Collie £75.00


Lying down collie £95.00

Collie Head study £36.00

Playing Collie £65.00

Large Running Collie £110.00

Large Standing Collie £100.00

Trotting Collie £65.00

\valentine Collies £75.00

Large Trotting Collie £100.00

Small Running Sheltie £45.00


All sculptures can be apinted Sable, Blue Merle or Tri coloured.  Any of the sculptures can be painted to the exact markings of the clients dog for £5.00 for photos provided.

Pair of Running Shelties £75.00

Lying Sheltie and pup £95.00

Sheltie family £65.00

Sheltie pup £20.00

Lying Sheltie pup £25.00

Sitting Sheltie £75.00

Standing Sheltie £90.00

Sheltie Sweethearts £90.00

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