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Animal Sculptures - Individually sculpted by Victor Griffiths and cast by his brother Tim Griffiths

Animal Sculptures by Internationally renound Dog Sculptor Victor Griffiths.  Victor designs and sculpts the original artwork from pictures he has taken of pedigree dogs and wild animals over the years that he has been in buisness. He has a library of dog books and and pictures at home and is meticulous in his research prior to starting any new sculpture.  His passion for his subject matter is born out in his work.

His brother Tim has worked with him since he started the buisness nearly 30 years ago.   Tim cast the sculptures and during this process the first stage of painting is commenced.   Victor will on occasions undertake this process from start to the finised product, but the role is mainly undertaken by Tim.   Victor then paints them to the high standard that is required for by every customer.  Many customers ask to have their dogs painted to their spesific dog markings and this is done in order to produce a unique sculpture for the customer, the work undertaken by both of them at this stage is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Victor is always receptive to discuss with customers any thoughts or ideas they might have for new sculptures. He is currently working on a life size head of a Wolf.  He has recently produced life size heads of the Rough Collie and the Border Collie.  He is looking to design the Rough collie as a life size sculpture suitable for indoors or outside.

Should you wish to speak to him directly please do not hesitate to contact him on 01970880369, he will be available most evenings.  Otherwise do not hesitate to talk to him at the shows - he is the one without the beard.

All Dog sculptures are the copyright of Victor James Griffiths.

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